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Arts and Crafts

Art came from people, and art is magical.

There is art all over the world. Art can be a picture or a pot. Art can even be a doll. Some people paint pictures for a living. Most of the old art is in museums, however some of the oldest art is found in caves. The Indians could have drawn the pictures like in Longhorn Caverns.

Art is a thing that helps people relax and in joy the peace and quiet. Some of the time you sell your art work. You can also paint  for fun. Either way art is a beautiful thing.

There are other kinds of art. Pottery is another kind of art. Pottery is a pot made by a person. The person could have made it for fun, or for a living. I have made a pot before. It was really sort of fun.

You know what? The Bluebonnet Trail Art Show is going to be in town April 8-9. Isn't that neat!

Here are some really neat sites,

Highland Arts Guild

Riverbend Fine Art Gallery

Nelda Newman's Studio (Porcelain)


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