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Street Sign

Extreme Shopping!!!!!

You can do extreme shopping on Main Street! But that’s not all-- there are insurance companies, candle factories, and don’t forget the police headquarters are there, so watch what you're doing. Oh ya! Michel's Drugstore has the best milkshakes in town! Although Main Street didn't always have everything that we have now. There used to be dirt roads and horses pulling fancy carriages. Once there was even a bank robbery there.

 Photo of Main Street
A picture of Main Street from the Library.

Michel's has been here a very long time. Many years ago Michel's was built where part of the Marble Theater was. It was burned down and they rebuilt it. (that’s the one we have today). But now Michel's is closing, and a new store is moving in. L

The Marble Theater is the best place to watch movies! The popcorn is so buttery that it makes my mouth water. Their candy is sour and sweet all at the same time! The theater screen is humongous and when you sit in front, the sound is so loud that it almost blows your ears off your head!

The Main Street candle factory is called Aunt Bee's. Once you walk in you will never want to come out. The smell of the colorful candles just make me want to die! They have good sales, so go extreme candle shopping!

Young World has the best kid clothes you can buy. It has cheerleading suits and great sandals! They have millions of baby toys if you have a young child. You'll know when you're at Young World because there is a big yellow sign that has kids printed on it and in blue letters it says Young World.

Last year our class went on a field trip through Main Street. Our favorite place was the police headquarters. We put one foot in, and we were freaked out, we even almost had a heart attack! They took us outside and turned on all the sirens... they were so loud!

The Marble Falls Public Library is located on Main Street and has the coolest books. You can find things about history, and you can find great fiction books for all ages. They have CD's, movies, and tapes! The women there help you find whatever you need.

I hope some time you can go to Marble Falls Main Street and do extreme shopping!!!!!!!!!!


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